Transforming Grief Testimonials

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Jorelle Degen is a Licensed Mental Health
Counselor in Gainesville FL.

In this video she talks about her personal experience with Transforming Grief.
Jorelle refers her clients to Shanti when their hearts need to heal after loss.

(Jorelle is soft spoken, so please turn up your volume and tune in closely.)

Comments from Mental Health Workers on Transforming Grief

"Thank you for this opportunity to come together and learn and share our grief together. Thank you for being so open to share your personal losses with us, this has been a wonderful experience!" - Julia S.

"I have learned to listen with my heart, to not shy away from using the word death, and say nothing and just being there can be more helpful than speaking out of uncomfortableness." - Milia S.

"It went beyond my expectations. The flexibility provided to work with our busy schedules was so important and appreciated. I am so excited to take this information back to campuses and personal relationships." - Shanel M.

"I feel the biggest thing I learned is to let myself and others feel in the moment the emotion does not need to be changed or the 'problem' fixed." - Danielle D.

"I learned that there are stages, paths, doorways etc. but a process to heal and recover." - Ruth G.

"Shanti is a great facilitator. Enjoyed the images that connected with the material. The videos incorporated in the presentations were helpful. Shanti does a great job communicating with everyone and it was really nice of her to support us for make-up dates when unable to attend the regular scheduled meeting." - Vanny P.

Grief Recovery Method Testimonials

Audrey's Experience

Audrey's Experience

"I felt lost. My twin sister passed away tragically in the ocean September 20th and I came to you in December. I knew because of your encouragement that on the other side of the heart and gut wrenching pain, there was going to be healing. What I would say to a twin who has lost their twin is that the Grief Recovery Method is a surefire way to find healing and identity as an individual, even though you are still twins. Emotional mental health is very important. Invest in yourself." CLICK HERE

Timothy's Experience

Timothy's Experience

Tim has suffered a number of losses throughout his life, including estrangement in relationships and job loss. He was feeling alone and out of touch with other people. He appreciated the emotional honesty and connection in the group. He was glad to express his unspoken feelings and realized that he is responsible for his reaction to the losses. "I felt at peace with myself after going through the Method. I found out I'm not alone and I can deal with my losses. I'm not broken." CLICK HERE

Comments from GRM Participants

“Shanti is extraordinary at connecting with the griever. She is intelligent, sensitive, encouraging, supportive and relatable.” - Audrey S.

“Shanti is sincere, caring and honest. The Grief Recovery Method is comforting and it is hard work.” - Lee W.

“I am definitely much more in touch with my feelings and healing from my grief. Shanti is very knowledgeable, caring and supportive.”

 - Terrie M.

“We established rapport and that motivated me to undertake the exercises. Shanti helped me to identify and complete my loss.” - Tim C.

“Shanti is very knowledgeable about loss. She is very caring and passionate about the Grief Recovery Method.” - Anna R.

“Thank you for helping me to be able to share my grievances with you and others who are also suffering from losing their loved ones. It helps me tremendously and NOT feeling guilty anymore.” - Helen H.