The Healing Journey

Every person has a story. You never know what someone is going through

We all benefit by being kind, compassionate and caring with one another.

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The Healing Process

There are many sources of inspiration to draw from. We stand on the shoulders of so many who came before us. The 13th Century Persian poet, Rumi says "The wound is the place where the light enters you." There are those who prefer to say, "The wound is the place where your light shines out into the world."


In the midst of grief and loss, we may feel as though our heart is broken. The world as we knew it has changed. We are missing the tools we need for becoming healed and whole. People have given us harmful messages. We became afraid to let our feelings show. Our pain and sorrows accumulated. We have tried to operate in systems that didn't listen or fill our human needs.


In 1978, at the age of 27, I was forced into "psychiatric treatment" at Westborough State Hospital in Massachusetts. That excruciatingly painful experience years ago gave me something I could not have found any other way. It gave me insight and experience to do this work.

I saw clearly that the "mental health" system could not help me with my grief. It gave me a vision of a world in which we build an alternative. So, as we share our stories with loving care, we create bonds for healing our hearts. We are the alternative to the "mental health" system. 


Grief has many aspects. Sometimes we may feel troubled and not even know we are grieving.
While it is not helpful to over think it, we may not realize why we feel the way we do.
Below are some types of grief. We go into these in depth in our programs. 

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The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Institute has been helping grievers since the 1980s.
Presently, it has a far-reaching impact with centers around the world.

In November of 2020, Shanti Vani was trained and certified in the Grief Recovery Method, a program for recovery from any kind of grief. 

The Grief Recovery Method is evidence-based through research done at Kent State University.

People who have gone through this program tend to live healthier, happier lives and it positively impacts their family members, too. 

The Grief Recoverey Method provided the foundation on which the Transforming Grief program is developed. We seek to incorporate new information into our training programs in order to stay current with this ever-changing world.

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