Transforming Grief

An Evolutionary Process

Group or Individual Sessions
Conducted In Person or on Zoom

Transforming Grief is an 8-week program for moving from Grief to Recovery.

It was created by Shanti Vani, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

This program is a synthesis of wisdom lessons and practical knowledge.

It is designed to help grievers of all walks of life in the healing journey.

Overview of the Program

The 8-week Transforming Grief - An Evolutionary Process series is a committed grief recovery program that is time specific. We start together and stay together over the agreed period of time. Groups meet weekly for an hour and a half. Individual sessions go for one hour. Some sessions may go an additional half hour. There is homework each week that is an important part of the work.

Members agree to the following:

Complete Confidentiality

Emotional Honesty

         Mutual Respect

Each session includes a PowerPoint presentation, handouts and a homework assignment. It includes quotes, videos and references to a variety of sources that are readily available in the world. We share from our personal experiences and move through a specially designed process. It is important to be diligent and thorough in the program as what we put in will determine what we get out of this work. 

The Transforming Grief process requires a commitment to following certain simple steps with emotional honesty. Grief is something we often suffer through alone, but as we build trust and learn to listen deeply, without analysis, judgment, advice or criticism, we can evolve from feeling stuck and isolated to experiencing relief, joy, and even freedom.

It is a relief to discover we can be supported and renewed in ways that effectively heal the pain caused by our losses.


Wisdom of the Ages

Throughout time, there have been seekers, sages, people of all walks of life who have searched for meaning and truth. 

The awesome, raw energy of grief connects us to so many human and animal beings around the world. The tragic events in recent times have been particularly rugged on our collective psyche. As we break the isolation, our path becomes more clear.

At this time, the world is full of challenges and opportunities to work on healing our hearts. As we find relief from grief, we can be of greater service to others who are struggling.


We have the good fortune of standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. This benefits us all as we journey through life and continue walking side by side.