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The Healing Process

When someone you love dies, or you suffer through a significant loss, the world as you have known it changes completely. And you change, too. It feels like you have broken apart and everything you were has spilled out onto the floor in a big mess. Your heart is broken and you don't know if it will ever mend.

In grief,  you may feel numb and stiff or you may cry non-stop for days. You might drift aimlessly, not knowing what you were supposed to be doing. Or you may shut the world out because you think no one would understand. In the depths of grief, it's hard to imagine ever feeling good again. Your life has changed. You are changed. You may try not to let your feelings show, but keeping them in makes you feel worse. The people around you want to help, but they don't know how. They want you to hurry up and feel better, but you don't. Grief hurts!

There are many different types of grief and loss. Death, divorce, moving, estrangement, as well as abstract losses of faith, trust, hope, and sobriety, to name a few. The "mental health" system has many good, caring people working in it. It also makes assumptions about how we should feel, think and behave and how quickly we should "recover". Unfortunately, for good reasons, many among us don't trust the system.

Transforming Grief provides unique, effective support. As we learn together and share our stories, we create new pathways for living our lives. We build connections that support us in our grief process. Welcome to the Transforming Grief Community!


Wisdom of the Ages

Throughout time, there have been seekers, sages, people of all walks of life who have searched for meaning and truth. 

The awesome, raw energy of grief connects us to so many human and animal beings around the world. The tragic events in recent times have been particularly rugged on our collective psyche. As we break the isolation, our path becomes more clear.

At this time, the world is full of challenges and opportunities to work on healing our hearts. As we find relief from grief, we can be of greater service to others who are struggling.

We have the good fortune of standing on the shoulders of those who came before us. This benefits us all as we journey through life and continue walking side by side. 

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