Shireen Sardar

Director, Pen of Mercy

My son died at the age of 30 years old in 2019. Shanti provided a safe environment for me to understand and normalize what I was experiencing. She taught me how to cope with my thoughts and feelings. After completing the course, I noticed a shift in the intensity of my painful thoughts and feelings about my son's death. 

As the founder and director of Pen of Mercy, a non-profit charitable organization, I completely understand the importance of grief support. In my opinion, it is a good business practice and a more humane gesture if corporations were to offer grief support to their employees. 

Jorelle Degen

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I was very fortunate to be working with Shanti. She provided a safe, non-judgmental space . She felt like a secure and experienced guide to support me through my grief. I've worked with Shanti individually and in her group, Transforming Grief. I was able to process loss across my lifespan, to let that stuff out, and have a relationship with my grief. As I can be in touch with my pain, it allows me to open my heart back up to my loved ones. I'm forever grateful to Shanti for her support and guidance. 

As a professional, it has allowed me to further support my clients.

Shana Albarran

Jorelle's Sister 

My sister, Jorelle introduced me to Shanti. I lost my son a little over 3 years ago. There is so much loss in this world. This work allowed me to work at my own pace. Every single session I learned something that helped me in my life. Grief comes in so many forms I wasn't even aware of until I did this session with Shanti. It has shown me that being there with someone in grief and not giving advice, because everyone's situation is different. I hope you can also benefit from taking this course with Shanti. She has used her pain to help others. Thank you so much Shanti, for introducing this to the world!