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There Is Life After Loss

   Transforming Grief is an

    Effective Process

  • Deep Non-judgmental Listening

  • Acknowledge Misinformation

  • Explore History and Relationships

  • Receive Support for the Pain of Loss

  • Peer Relationships, Not Hierarchy

  • Zoom Groups, On Patreon, or In-person

Wise Support Is Essential

   Learn From Someone Who Has            Been Through Many Losses


  • Cared for Mother with Alzheimer's

  • Suicide of a Friend

  • Adult Child Died at Age 38

  • Older Sister was Murdered

  • Many More Losses

  • Trained by Megan Devine (2023)

  • Trained by Grief Recovery Institute (2020)


Sometimes We Feel Lonely
   Seems Like Nobody Understands

  • It's Hard to Trust When Deep in Grief

  • It May Be Hard to Feel Like Living

  • People Say Dumb Things

  • They May Stay Away from Us

  • Or They May Hover Over Us

  • We Suffer Through the Loss

  • It's Hard to Know What to Do

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