About Us

Transforming Grief

Dealing with grief can be an extremely difficult and isolating experience. Shanti Vani has been through many kinds of losses.

Her unique experience and specialized trainings give Shanti the skills and ability to help fellow grievers. 

Through powerful support and cutting-edge educational programs, you will be sure to benefit from your connection with Transforming Grief.

Grief is a Wild Ride

So many challenges in life cause us to feel numb, disconnected, upset, angry, or stressed. 

Have you ever felt like you were having extreme anxiety, dissociation, panic attacks, or bad depression?

Have you been on a roller coaster ride?

What if it turned out that some mental health diagnosis was simply a natural grief response?

Peer support allows us to be accepted, not judged for what we are going through.

                                           Turning sorrow into a useful tool.

In-person Class

Transforming Grief provides support and education to groups and individuals in Gainesville, Florida.

Live Zoom Class

These classes are provided live on Zoom with PowerPoint lessons and real time interaction among participants.

Online Learning

Self-paced online classes are offered for a 2 or 3-month period of time, starting at the first day of every month.