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My Story

As a child of the 60s, my life has been full of joy and sorrow. In the civil rights and anti-war movement, I marched on Washington and found personal ways to express my desire for a better world. 

I've attended the Woodstock concert in 1969, hitch-hiked some 8,000 miles, and given birth to babies in the woods. After the last child was born in 1978, I landed in a mental institution, where I spent ten long weeks. 

I know grief, trauma, and loss like the back of my hand. In high school, six friends died in a single car crash. In 1989, a dear friend died with AIDS. In 1994, another friend took his own life. I spent years just trying to get through my days.

Between 2013 and 2018, seven family members died. Two baby great grandsons, a cousin's husband, both parents with dementia and heart disease, a sister to homicide, and my third born child, Naomi, to addiction and depression. You see, grief was always her downfall. It was mine, too. 

When I left Westborough State Hospital, I declared I would never return. I never did. I made a decision to help others who were suffering through trauma and loss. It took some years, but here we are today, Transforming Grief.

About Naomi

Professional Affiliations 


Founding Member,
Interim President
First statewide EOL Doula  
organization in the US 
founded in 2023.
Six-month Grief Professional Training
Live online with Megan 
Devine in May of 2023.
End-of-Life Doula 
In-person training 
in June of 2018.